Member of the Home Care Association of Colorado
ACHC-Certified Consultants


“This is a great course!  Very thorough information!”

Snowy Peaks

“I think it was a great training.”


Connie, Jennifer, and their other colleagues are deeply knowledgeable, enormously helpful, and very professional!

Toni M

I first took the Administrator training course back in 2011 and was amazed with the amount of information given and how well it was delivered. Now I am the CEO/Administrator of Nursing and Therapy Services of Colorado and we utilize CHCTC annually for our admin training, alternate admin training, CEUs, IHSS training, mock surveys, billing training, etc. Connie and her team are a wealth of information, knowledge and assistance. If we are starting a new home health program, we utilize their expertise to get it right the first time. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Lisa D

I have to tell you that the surveyors appreciate us taking your classes. That was a plus for us. THANK YOU.

Ora Lee

“I have taken two courses from Colorado Healthcare Training and Consulting to prepare for licensure and operating a new home care business. In my prior career I designed and delivered dozens of courses to thousands of employees. I’ve been recognized as a subject matter expert in world class training design and facilitation by the several US Government agencies. In light of my experience, my standards and expectations are quite high when I attend training. Connie McWilliams is a talented and gifted instructor and facilitator. She has the ability to take dry, legalese material and bring it to life in the classroom. She combines her expert knowledge of state regulations and business management with real-life stories and examples that make it easy for participants to grasp the essentials and feel some confidence moving forward. Her practical, sound advice on how to prepare policy and procedures and support documentation for the initial licensing evaluation visit by the Colorado Health Department made my licensing evaluation a smooth, effortless event. I received zero deficiencies and several compliments from the examiner. I would recommend Connie and her company to anyone seeking consultation or training in Colorado healthcare without reservation!”

John S. Lybarger
Lybarger & Associates, Inc.

Connie, Much thanks for keeping us in the know! Your contributions and sharing of such critical information is invaluable to those of us committed to compliance and quality patient care. Thank you for caring for us….. 🙂

Dr. Rebecca O'Donnell

“We are deficiency free!  Such a great feeling… I really appreciate all of the training I have received from you (Connie), and Jen! I learned stuff from you both that really helped our program along and helped me get through my very first survey ever! I really enjoy it!”

Mika Dopler
Brookdale Personalized Living Manager

Thank you, Colorado Health Care Training and Consulting, for all of your help. We are proud to announce that our state license has been approved. We are looking forward to servicing the Colorado community with our dedicated and compassionate team. Connie, all of your help and advice have been invaluable.

Restore Home Health

Thanks so much for the information, it is so helpful to receive the updates from the meeting. Due to the distance and time involved, we are unable to participate in these meetings. I really appreciate this and all you and your staff have done to assist with our training requirements.

Lourae King

Thank you very much Ms. McWilliams, as usual the information you have provided was just beyond my expectation. I cannot express in words how I am impressed by your profound humility and enormous effort to provide valuable information to those who seek your help.  First and foremost, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your educative and valuable training. Sincerely speaking it was an eye opener for me and I believe for everyone else who participated in the program. I have had good command of CMS and accreditation agencies rules (Joint Commission, ACHC, and CHAP), but before my enrollment with your training, I had little grasp of the state rules as far as non-medical license, HCBS certification and other state programs are concerned.

Greater Denver Home Health

Thanks so much for a great course – both days were excellent. You are clearly an authority on home care licensure as well as the ins and outs of the business.  You have a fantastic teaching style, and I enjoyed being part of the class. Take care.

Lori Nolen
The Senior Hub

I am pleased to tell you we PASSED our State Audit yesterday with ZERO deficiencies! Next step is CHAP.  But for now, I am very pleased. Thank you, Connie, for the wonderful training.

Martin Masar
Colorado Plains Home Health

You hit the most important facts! I like that you provide real live experiences with the health department so we know what to expect.

Roxanne Miller

I am a total fan of Connie and this company. They provide top-notch training and have been available to answer questions and provide lots of food for thought. Thank you, Connie, for all your hard work. We are in your debt.

Sharlene Salzmann Justus Smith
AW Home Care

Great info…great price for the info received.

Alex Kaminskiy
Artek home Care

All in-home-care managers and coordinators should attend.

Mary Sulli

Great knowledge and information. Connie’s presentation was informed and delivered at a great pace with feedback.

Cathy Carroll/Callahan
Transitions Home Health Care

Very knowledgeable presenter!

Melinda Egging
The Denver Hospice

As a beginner, it was a lot to absorb but your examples will remain with me when I review the content and share with colleagues.

Julie Clark
To The Rescue