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Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation - 2 CEUs - All Agency Types

Care about Care Coordination - 2 CEUs - All Agency Types

Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation $150
This course identifies responsibilities of Administrator/Manager relative to abuse, neglect and exploitation training. Audio is coming soon. [ More Information ]
Care about Care Coordination $100
In this non-audio course (coming soon), Attendees will learn skills and tools necessary to apply State Licensure rules in daily operations, understand why care coordination is necessary, what makes it effective, and typical barriers. [ More Information ]

Care about HIPAA, Privacy & Confidentiality - 2 CEUs - All Agency Types

Privacy & Confidentiality: Why Home Care should care about HIPAA $100
As Administrators, we have a duty to ensure all workforce members understand their responsibility to abide by HIPAA rules. [ More Information ]

Care about Immunity - 2 CEUs - All agency types

Complaint & Incident Processing Part 2 - 2 CEUs - All agency types

Care about Immunity $100
Why care about immunity? To understand how the body fights illness when germs, such as bacteria or viruses, invade the body. [ More Information ]
CDPHE-approved Complaint & Incident Processing Part 2 $150.00
CDPHE-approved training on Complaint and Incident Processing – Part 2 - 2 CEU on common deficiencies as well as incorporating agency action taken into the QMP. [ More Information ]

Emergency Preparedness - 2 CEUs - All agency types

Emergency Preparedness $150
Significant Federal Emergency preparedness regulations overlap Infection Control and Prevention, especially during a Public Health Emergency. The goal of this 2-hour video program with Jennifer Windram, RN, BSN and former CDPHE Surveyor is to provide the fundamentals of the Federal rules along with the rules of CO Licensure. BONUS: FORMS AND POLICIES APPROPRIATE FOR STANDARDS [ More Information ]

Mental Illness and Behavior Management - 2 CEUs - All agency types



Limitations in PCW Tasks - 2 CEUs - All agency types

Behavior Management and Mental Illness $150
Many home care agencies provide care and services to adults with a mental illness or MI. With practice, home care workers will feel more confident and effective using the tools described in this course. [ More Information ]
Limitations of Personal Care $100
LIMITATIONS OF PERSONAL CARE. This is a non-audio course to delineate the types of services that can be provided by a Personal Care Worker (PCW). Bonus: PCW Self-evaluation Skills Checklist. [ More Information ]

QMP:  All About Data - 2 CEUs - All agency types

QMP: All about Data $150
In this recorded course with Jennifer Windram, RN, BSN, learn skills and tools necessary to apply State Licensure rules in data collection and monitoring for your Quality Management Program. [ More Information ]

Understanding the Survey Process - 2 CEUs - All Agency Types

Universal Precautions - 2 CEU - All agency types

Understanding the Survey Process $150
In this non-audio program entitled Understanding the Survey Process for both skilled and non-skilled agencies to ensure Administrators are prepared for the next surprise, onsite survey. Written by former CDPHE surveyor, Jennifer Windram, RN, BSN. [ More Information ]
Universal Precautions $100
Non-audio course written by Barbara Buehner, RN, BSN. Universal Precautions is required annually for workers of Skilled and Non-medical Home Care Agencies. Bonus includes Step-by-step competency test: Apply and Remove PPE. 2 CEU [ More Information ]