CDPHE-Approved Administrator/Manager/Alternate Training & Development 






CHC Certificate Programs

Approved Administrator Training by

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment



CHC Virtual Classroom

Build skills with courses and certificates

Get ready for a career





Administrator Training for 'All Agency Types' moved to CHC Virtual Classroom in 2020





Get ready for a career in high-demand in-home care management

Senior care, Pediatric care, Developmental Disabilities


Earn industry-recognized credentials 



Class A (Skilled) Agency 

Skilled services like nursing, physical therapy, behavioral therapy, occupational therapy


Class B (Non-medical) Agency

Non-medical services such as personal care for dressing, bathing, eating and program-approved service agency services for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities




Build a foundation in core skills for any type of home care agency 

CDPHE-approved Basic 8-hour Administrator Training at the CHC Virtual Classroom




Get ready to improve the health of your clients and community with the New Administrator Bundle 


First-time Administrator Class A (Skilled) Bundle 24 CEUs

First-time Manager Class B (Non-medical) Bundle 20 CEUs





Maintain competence and meet state and federal annual training requirements

Annual 12-CEU Class A (Skilled) Administrator Training

Annual 12-CEU Class B (Non-medical) Manager Training







Online Training and Education

CHC Virtual Classroom

Written by Home Care Experts for Home Care Administrators

Ongoing Training Courses All Agency Types

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