eLearn programs are available 24/7 and completed at the pace set by you, the learner.  eLearn courses offer clear learner progress indicators and unlimited replays of course material.    

Be certain of purchase type as there are no refunds. Purchased content may be transferred to another individual in the same agency in the same calendar year.

The Board of Health adopted the updated Chapter 26 rules at the public rule-making hearing on December 15, 2021. The updated rules will take effect on February 14, 2022. Questions about the implementation of the updated rules, contact Steve Cox at steve.cox@state.co.us.  CHC is working on updating all courses affected by the Ch. 26 rule update.

The Virtual Classroom software will have ongoing updates and changes as of 1/10/2022. Notification will be sent to Users as appropriate. 

Thank you very much, in advance, for your understanding in both of these issues. Contact Connie@chctrain.com with questions other than when  a course will be updated.

Class A Skilled, First-time Administrator Bundle - 24 CEUs (first-timers or those with 2-year + gap)

Class A (Skilled), First-time Administrator Bundle WITHOUT Basic 8-hour - 16 CEUs 

Class A (Skilled), Annual Training Bundle - 12 CEUs 

Class B (Non-medical), First-time Manager Bundle - 20 CEUs (first-timers or those with 2-year + gap)

Class B (Non-medical), First-time Manager Bundle WITHOUT Basic 8-hour - 12 CEUs 

Class B (Non-medical), Annual Training Bundle - 12 CEUs 

COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination Bundle

Basic 8-hour Administrator/Manager Training eLearn - 8 CEUs All Agency Types

Basic 8-hour Administrator Course for Class A, B & Annual Training $379
CDPHE-approved Administrator/Manager/Alternate Basic Licensure Training - 8 CEUs Approved for Initial and Annual Training for all agency types. www.homehealthcerts.com for immediate access [ More Information ]