CMS Fingerprint-based Background Check Began August 6, 2014

CMS Fingerprint-based Background Check Began August 6, 2014


The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) awarded the Fingerprint-based
Background Check contract to Accurate Biometrics located in Chicago, Illinois on
July 8, 2014. Fingerprint-based background checks will be required for all individuals with
a 5 percent or greater ownership interest in a provider or supplier that falls into the high risk
category and is currently enrolled in Medicare or has submitted an initial enrollment
application. The fingerprint-based background requirement was implemented on August 6,
2014, and will be conducted in phases. Initially, not all providers and suppliers in the “high”
screening category will be included in the first phase of the fingerprint-based background
check requirement.


Applicable providers or suppliers will receive notification of the fingerprint requirements
from their MAC. The MAC will send a letter to the applicable providers or suppliers listing
all 5 percent or greater owners who are required to be fingerprinted. The letter will be
mailed to the provider or supplier’s correspondence address and the special payments
address on file with Medicare.

Generally the relevant individual will be required to be fingerprinted only once, but CMS
reserves the right to request additional fingerprints if needed. The relevant individuals will
have 30 days from the date of the letter to be fingerprinted.


If the provider or supplier finds a discrepancy in the ownership listing, the provider or
supplier should contact their MAC immediately to communicate the discrepancy and take
the appropriate action to update the enrollment record to correctly reflect the ownership


The relevant individuals should contact Accurate Biometrics prior to being fingerprinted to
ensure the fingerprint results are accurately submitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigation
(FBI) and properly returned to CMS. Accurate Biometrics may be contacted by phone (866361-9944)
or by accessing their website at if you have any


If an initial enrollment application is received by the MAC and the provider or supplier is
required to obtain a fingerprint-based background check, the MAC will not begin processing the application until the fingerprint-based background check has been completed and the results are received. The effective date of enrollment will be determined by the date the fingerprint results are received.


Additional Information


For more information on the Fingerprint-based Background Check requirement, view MLN
Matters® article SE1417, “Implementation of Fingerprint-Based Background Checks”,
available at
on the CMS website.

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