“PDSA-ADHD”: A Newly Reported Syndrome

“PDSA-ADHD”: A Newly Reported Syndrome
Elizabeth G. Baxley, MD, Kevin J. Bennett, PhD, Chaiporn Pumkam, MS,
Sam Crutcher, MD, and M. Garrett Helms, LISW

We present a satirical case report of a new syndrome,called“plan do study act–attention deficit hyperactivity disorder,”or PDSA-ADHD.

This syndrome is associated with the implementation of multiple simultaneous plan-do-study-act cyclesas a quality improvement approach in a healthcare setting.  This case represents a clinical warning sign of quality improvement impairment and suggests a new variant
of organizational attention deficit disorder.   (JAmBoardFamMed2011;24:752–757.)

Keywords: Practice Management, Quality of HealthCare

Full article here: http://www.cfmc.org/integratingcare/files/PDSA_ADHD_JABFM.pdf

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