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Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation - 2 CEUs - All Agency Types

Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation $150
This course identifies responsibilities of Administrator/Manager relative to abuse, neglect and exploitation training. [ More Information ]

Basic 8-hour Administrator/Manager Training eLearn - 8 CEU All Agency Types - #1 selling course 

Basic 8-hour Administrator Course for Class A, B & Annual Training $379
CDPHE-approved Administrator/Manager/Alternate Basic Licensure Training - 8 CEUs Approved for Initial and Annual Training for all agency types. [ More Information ]

Care about HIPAA, Privacy & Confidentiality - 2 CEUs - All Agency Types

Care about Care Coordination - 2 CEUs - All Agency Types

Privacy & Confidentiality: Why Home Care should care about HIPAA $100
As Administrators, we have a duty to ensure all workforce members understand their responsibility to abide by HIPAA rules. [ More Information ]
Care about Care Coordination $100
Attendees will learn skills and tools necessary to apply State Licensure rules in daily operations, understand why care coordination is necessary, what makes it effective, and typical barriers. [ More Information ]

Care about Immunity - 2 CEUs - All agency types

Complaint & Incident Processing Part 2 - 2 CEUs - All agency types

Care about Immunity $100
Why care about immunity? To understand how the body fights illness when germs, such as bacteria or viruses, invade the body. [ More Information ]
CDPHE-approved Complaint & Incident Processing Part 2 $150
CDPHE-approved training on Complaint and Incident Processing – Part 2 - 2 CEU on common deficiencies as well as incorporating agency action taken into the QMP. [ More Information ]

Emergency Preparedness - 2 CEUs - All agency types

Emergency Preparedness $150
New emergency preparedness Federal regulations took effect November 15, 2017.The goal of this 2-hour interactive, online workshop is to provide the fundamentals of the new rules along with the rules of CO Licensure. [ More Information ]

Mental Illness and Behavior Management - 2 CEUs - All agency types



Limitations in PCW Tasks - 2 CEUs - All agency types

Behavior Management and Mental Illness $150
Many home care agencies provide care and services to adults with a mental illness or MI. With practice, home care workers will feel more confident and effective using the tools described in this course. [ More Information ]
Limitations of Personal Care $100
LIMITATIONS OF PERSONAL CARE. This is a non-audio course to delineate the types of services that can be provided by a Personal Care Worker (PCW). Bonus: PCW Self-evaluation Skills Checklist. [ More Information ]

QMP:  All About Data - 2 CEUs - All agency types

QMP: All about Data $150
In this recorded course with Jennifer Windram, RN, BSN, learn skills and tools necessary to apply State Licensure rules in data collection and monitoring for your Quality Management Program. [ More Information ]

Understanding the Survey Process - 2 CEUs - All Agency Types

Universal Precautions - 2 CEU - All agency types

Understanding the Survey Process $150
Understanding the Survey Process for both skilled and non-skilled agencies. [ More Information ]
Universal Precautions $100
Universal Precautions is required annually for workers of Skilled and Non-medical Home Care Agencies. Bonus includes Step-by-step competency test: Apply and Remove PPE. 2 CEU [ More Information ]