Administrator Training Part I  Administrator Training Part II
dot2.gif Home care overview, provider types, and Limitations of Personal Care versus Skilled Care, Market analysis on both National basis and in Colorado,  Statistics and findings on service types, service usage, Accountable Care Collaborative in Colorado, License versus certification, Minimum requirements definition  Colorado Health Care Training and Consulting Governing Body duties, Survey readiness checklist, Professional Advisory Committee duties, Annual evaluation, License renewal requirements, Minutes and documentation requirements, 
Colorado Health Care Training and Consulting Regulatory responsibilities and compliance at the State and Federal levels, Minimum requirements for policies and procedures, Advanced Directives, Abuse & Neglect, Restraint regulations Colorado Health Care Training and Consulting Administrator management, documentation, reporting standards, consumer involvement, care coordination & transitions, Contract oversight and language requirements 
Colorado Health Care Training and Consulting Consumer rights, Disclosure Notice, Admission, Complaints, Incidents, Occurrences, Communicable disease, Emergency Preparedness, Ongoing training definitions   Colorado Health Care Training and Consulting Quality management program development, risk management similarities, quality improvement tools for analysis, Root Cause Analysis, QI presentation format and audiences

Colorado Health Care Training and Consulting offers classes that cover every topic required under Colorado Licensure regulation and standards.

Colorado Health Care Training and Consulting Admissions CHC Risk Management CHC Limitations of Personal Care
CHC Discharge Planning CHC Infection Control CHC Initial & Comprehensive Assessments
CHC Disclosure Notice CHC Communicable Disease CHC Plan of Care
CHC Non-compete Agreements CHC Prevention CHC Medication Management
CHC Complaint Processing CHC Missed Visits CHC Financial Management
CHC Occurrence Reporting CHC Contracts CHC Ethics
CHC Critical Incident Reporting System CHC Information Management System CHC Needs of the Fragile, Ill, and Physically & Cognitively Disabled
CHC Personnel Records & Policies CHC Consumer Record Content CHC Behavior Management
CHC Emergency Preparedness CHC Governing Board/PAC Administrator/Manager Training Needs CHC Marketing, Stark & Anti-kickback Rules, OIG regulations
CHC Care Coordination CHC Personnel Qualifications, Experience, Competency & Evaluations  
CHC Quality Management Program