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2019 Class B Administrator - Initial Training Bundle - 20 CEUs - Non-skilled agencies

Class B Initial 20 CEU Administrator Bundle $1199
Our Total Class B Administrator Bundle is perfect for primary and alternate administrator who are new to home care or just wants a refresher on Class B Regulations. An additional 10% discount is available for the 2nd registrant from the same entity in the same registration. [ More Information ]

Behavior Management of the Client with Dementias and Cognitive Disorders - 2 CEUs - All agency types

Behavior Management of the Client with Dementias or Cognitive Disorders $150
Attendees will learn skills and tools necessary to provide care and services to clients with cognitive and memory impairments. [ More Information ]

Care of the Fragile, Ill & Complex Client, 2 CEUs - All agency types

Care of the Fragile, Ill and Complex Client- 2 CEU $150
Home Care Agencies face particular challenges in providing services and coordinating care for frail, ill and complex clients. 2 CEU [ More Information ]

Limitations of Personal Care - 2 CEUs - All Agency Types

Limitations of Personal Care $100
LIMITATIONS OF PERSONAL CARE. This is a non-audio course to delineate the types of services that can be provided by a Personal Care Worker (PCW). Bonus: PCW Self-evaluation Skills Checklist. [ More Information ]

Oversight of Non-Medical Personnel, 2 CEU

Oversight of Non-Medical Personnel - 2 CEU $150
Learners will obtain a clear understanding and appropriate application of the Licensure Standards related to administrator oversight of staff to maximize compliance and minimize deficiencies in this 2 CEU non-audio program. [ More Information ]

Mental Illness and Behavior Management - 2 CEUs - All agency types

Behavior Management and Mental Illness $150
Many home care agencies provide care and services to adults with a mental illness or MI. With practice, home care workers will feel more confident and effective using the tools described in this course. [ More Information ]

Quality Management Program - 2 CEUs - All agency types

CDPHE-approved Quality Management Basics $150
QMP is the most cited deficiency in all agency types. Learn specifics to ensure your program demonstrates the quality aspects of consumer care and safety! [ More Information ]

Universal Precautions - 1 CEU - All agency types

Universal Precautions $100
Universal Precautions is required annually for workers of Skilled and Non-medical Home Care Agencies. Bonus includes Step-by-step competency test: Apply and Remove PPE. 2 CEU [ More Information ]